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I should go.
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Vlad's radio crackled to life.

"....Comrade Major, American spotted! We need your presence immediately!"

Zaitsev turned the car around toward Humvee 2's position, Vlad pressed the respond button on the radio.

"Comrade Boris, hold position, acquire the prisoner, peacefully if possible."

An acknowledge ping was sent. Vlad nodded and brought his foot off the dashboard. He prepped his AK-47 and opened the window, prepared to fire.

It took minutes to reach humvee 2's position, and sure enough, there was an American standing completely still around 10 meters off the right side of humvee 2.

Vlad stepped out of the car, "American, if you have any weapons, put them down now. We do not wish to fight you! Cooperate!"

Vlad aimed his AK at the American and prepared for the man's surrender.

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