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Of all the stupid places to go to, Coryn, why did you have to go to this one?

The prisoner next to him appeared to be older than he was, and obviously irritated by something. He didn't bother to speak.

Some of the men were talking to each other in Russian and laughing, and he wished he knew what they were saying. No doubt it was something derogatory about Americans, or at least jokes to pass the time.

He looked out the window for lack of anything better to do, but he didn't notice any undead. No, that wasn't the most prominent feature of the city. It was the lack of movement, of life. Visual silence.

Is that what's going to happen to Richmond?

He hadn't a clue why he was suddenly feeling patriotic, but he supposed that the adrenaline from the fear and excitement made him want to start talking. He opened his mouth and uttered a word, but before he could say anything else the prisoner next to him simply nudged him. Either he wasn't supposed to talk or else anything that she had said herself was useless.

He decided to shut up and watch the lifeless city.
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