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Maybe this won't be so bad after all...

"Uh, I'm Coryn," and then he said quietly, "it's really an alias." He had no intention of telling her his real name. He just didn't want someone else to make fun of it. If he was going to leave his past behind, he had to keep quiet about it.

And of course, at that moment, the shooting began.

"Don't worry," a Russian said, "you are protected from them in here. By the time there is enough of them to get inside, you would probably be in danger everywhere else, anyway." He laughed.

Thanks for the comforting information.

A stream of the undead came out from a nearby building, and the vehicle moved faster. More Russian. He watched as the undead fell over, one by one, and then the firing ceased.

"What did I tell you?" the Russian said again, laughing. But Coryn had no intention of feeling safe. After all, he was being taken against his will by men dealing with biochemicals.

At least I won't get infected.
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