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Vlad smiled as Yevgeni, who sat next to the Americans, started speaking.

"Da, of course you're alright, we are in armored vehicle, with a 50. caliber machine gun mounted on it, any undead spotted are as dead as dead can be, not that they're not dead already!"

All the Russians in the car started chuckling.

Vlad started, "So, what's your name American? What brought you..."

Suddenly, the car hit something and everyone was in the air for a quick second. Then the car settled back. Vlad had his AK ready.

Zaitsev spoke first, "Major, what was that?"

Vlad didn't know but he raised a hand to keep everyone quiet. Yuri was scanning the area with the mounted 50. cal.

Vlad opened the door and stepped out slowly. He looked at the wheel and noticed a small figure. He walked closer and noticed that it was in fact a half of the undead. It didn't have any legs and it stayed still, so Vlad approached. Then it's gory head twitched and turned toward him. It screamed something unintelligable.

Vlad wasted no time as it crawled toward him, he unleashed his entire magazine into the creatures head. Then he began t hear something jumping across the rooftops, and there were screams coming from one the streets. Vlad knew what it was.

He jumped back into the car and locked the doors.

"We've got incoming, jumpers and the hoard for sure!"

Immediatley, Zaitsev pressed on the gas and the other Russians in the car prepped their weapons. Vlad got two Tokarev pistols from his pack and handed them to the prisoners, also freeing them from the their bonds.

"We'll need your help. I hope you shoot well."

Suddenly, Yuri started firing the 50. cal at the hoard running at them from behind, the other humvee was following suite, spraying down the zombies with fire.

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