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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
This is why tasers are good, they dont kill the person usually, and they can be fired from outside of stabbing range. But unfortunately since you can win any court case by whining enough no matter how absurd your argument is, they arent used as much since they hurt the person who gets shot with them. Oh no, god forbid someone whose trying to knife someone else feels some pain in order to stop the attack, oh no, call the lawyers quick!
That has been a serious problem for the Police Service of Northern Ireland. It's one of the few forces in the UK that is still armed as a matter of course (for obvious reasons), but they are trying to phase firearms out in favour of 'non-lethal' alternatives. And y'know what? Both of the alternatives have been criticised. First, officers were given CS spray. But now that is being discouraged because someone that was sprayed with it took an allergic reaction. Then tasers - they are being discouraged before they are even issued, becaue there is a chance in the realm of possibilities that at some point some person might possibly react badly to it and may possibly be badly injured. (The overuse of conditionals is intentional )

The fact that there is an incredibly easy way for a person to avoid having a taser, etc. used against themselves doesn't seem to occur to many...

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