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Vlad was taken completely off guard by the jumper zombie. The thing broke the roof right next to Yuri's 50. cal. Yuri continued firing at the rooftops, taking down jumpers rapidly. Vlad stuck his AK through the hole in the roof and began firing. He heard a distinct click of an empty weapon. He looked at the American and nodded, he then fished two more clips for the man and tossed them to him.

Suddenly, something landed on Vlad, that thing was a jumper.

"Comrade Major!" shouted Zaitsev, who was now trying to push the zombie off while staying on the correct course with the car. Vlad grabbed the zombie by what was left of his shoulders and looked into its rotting face.

"You want to play like that, OKAY!"

Then, with all his strength, Vlad head butted the zombie, it's head exploded in a cloud of red. Vlad pushed the body off and continued firing.

you very much
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