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Blood rained on the back of his neck, but Coryn was too afraid to turn around. After all, the horde leaping onto the car was enough to keep him occupied. But he couldn't get the clip into his gun.

Then something else touched his neck, and he knew he had better turn around this time.

"Don't fire towards the front of the car!" a Russian shouted, and Coryn slipped the ammo in just in time to awkardly fire towards the side of the undead's head. It did not die.

It clawed at his skin, and he kicked it. All he felt was blood on his shoe as the thing simply fell on top of him and reared back his head in preparation for what could only be a strike at his neck to try and bite him. It's crazed eyes were strangely humanoid, but they had no emotion. And it's skin was grey and lifeless, only blood showing through in brown in some areas. And the teeth--they were rotting and bloody. Just the tiniest color of green appeared on the tips of its main teeth, no doubt the venom. The venom that was about to be injected into his neck. This was not good.
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