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Sam was heading down to his brothers in Texas, so he was passing through Chicago again when he heard the loud Clatter of an AK-47, he even heard what sounded like a .50 cal. Sam didn't know though. His uncle was watching a movie on a portable DVD player in the back, one of those Stargate shows.
"Pardon me, could you turn the volume down?" Darla asked, and his uncle did. Then Sam knew it was an AK-47.
"Floor it!" Sam yelled to Darla, the last survivor from the store left.
Then a brute ran out of a building, the wall crumbling around it.
"HOLD ON TIHGT TO SOMETHING!!" Sam yelled to noone in particular. The brute hit the truck, sending it flying through the air, it landed upside down, then it rolled stopping in front of a large personel carrier, the large truck stopping just before it hit the truck.
The clatter of the .50 cal was loudest now. Sam looked next to him, and instantly wished he hadn't. Darla looked dead, but the grunts of pain from behind told him his uncle wasn't.
Before any zombie could get near, Sam crawled out the hole where the window was, dragging his uncle and Darla behind him, his weapons all hanging off him in random directions.

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