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"Listen, Sergeant." Smith was saying. "I don't care what your orders are regarding civilians on the base, because they don't apply to me." He smiled, trying to appear as friendly -and intimidating- as he could.

"Sir, I just-"

"You just what, Sergeant?" Smith cut him off. "If you could open this gate soon, that would be helpful."

"Sir, I need..." The man stopped, waiting to be cut off.

"What? ID?" Without waiting for an answer, Smith took out his wallet and showed the hapless Sergeant who had drawn sentry duty his driver's license.

"You're cleared." The sergeant said in a defeated tone. "When the gate opens, drive on through."

"Thank you, Sergeant."

He saw the sergeant walk into the block office and pull a lever, and less then a handful of seconds later the main gate opened, and Smith drove the stolen Suburban through the main entrance at Fort Ripley.

Several minutes later, Smith found himself in front of the Duty Officer in the main building, wishing that he had his old uniform on he decided to speak.

"Duty Officer! On your feet!" He said it in the most commanding voice he'd had to use all day, and like clockwork the captain shot to his feet and snapped a salute.


Returning his salute, Smith looked him over before deciding to continue. "Captain, do you think you could arrange a meeting between the CO and I for..." Smith looked at his wristwatch. "0950 today?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" The captain was in full parade ground mode.

"Then do so."

Without waiting for an answer Smith followed his feet to the CO's office and looked down at his watch. 0945....0947....0949....0950! Bringing the teenage he'd picked up in the nameless town with him into the office, he knocked on the CO's door.

"Come in." He heard and Smith turned the knob.

"Sir!" Smith saluted in a casual manner.

"At ease." The general looked him up and down for a moment before speaking. "Who the hell are you?"

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