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Atrianna was currently in the back of the Humvee blasting whatever was chasing them, be it brute, limper or whatever counted as a cross between the two.

She cleared the last of the undead from behind them with her Sawed-off shotgun and ran to the front as the Humvee lurched to a halt.

What the hell is going on up there?

Atrianna could see Vlad and a few Russians outside the Humvee dealing with a large brute

Vlad and his friend were still busy with the brute, they didn't see another one of the infected come up around the Humvee and come after Vlad.

She had a debt to repay.


The russian solder must have heard her because he instantly hit the ground and thus was not in the way when two shotgun blasts ripped through the infected's head and continued on their way to bury themselves into a wall.

Vlad quickly got up and glanced at her.

Atrianna flashed him a smile.
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