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Do you have files named something like kreia.dlg, atton.dlg, or something of the sort in your Override folder? If you do, try taking them out and see if that fixes the problem.

You can also check the StreamVoice folder. Go to your main TSL directory, then \StreamVoice\GBL\. You should see individual folders named Atton, Disciple, Kreia, etc. Check if all the .wav files are in them. Kreia's folder, for example, should have 686 files inside.

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I haven't really played the game in a few days, but after I removed the dialog files, something changed. The dialog didn't skip through fast, at least with Atton and Handmaiden, didn't check the others. One question though, why would a few dlg files affect mostly all the voices of my party members and the alien NPCs too?
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