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Playable Rattataki

Download at DeadlyStream
Download at FileFront (if it ever comes back)

Alright everyone, I started this quite awhile ago, but then I joined the Revenge of Revan mod. Now, I've finally gotten back around to finishing this. Sort of.

In this first release, there are nine male Rattataki and four female playable characters. The males are all generic and nameless, as well as one of the females, BUT, included are Aurra Sing and two versions of Asajj Ventress. I made unique head models and textures to represent both the original vision of Asajj from the comics and 2D Clone Wars animation; as well as the new vision from the 3D Clone Wars. As for Aurra, her default clothes will be similar to her red jumpsuit and brown vest.

This release doesn't have any unique clothes or lightsabers for Asajj, but if I find the time to, I'll rectify that in a future update. For now, mjpb3's version of Asajj has some nice saber hilts in it. While we do use the same base head model and texture (PFHC05), I did all my own work (I did like the way mjpb3 did her eyes, so as inspiration I made mine similar in colour).

I submitted earlier tonight, and I am awaiting approval at FileFront. I'll post the link when it is ready. Edit: It's up and ready now.

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