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I played the game back in 2001/2002 when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was looking for Curse of monkey island at a video game store with my sister, and the clerk didnt have it so he said to try GF. We bought it and I didnt play it probably cuz i was pissed at not getting CMI, I saw my sister playing it the next day, and I got hooked. Its been quite a while since then and I have already played the game over 15 times now....I dont know why but I just HAVE to finish the game at least twice per year. I've always wished for a sequel or prequel or anything at all. But what Im hoping for the most is a port to the next gen consoles with updated graphics and an updated GRIME. Everything about the game is so attractive and I think every gamer should give it a try. I was so strungout on the game that I searched the web on anything about GF. And so I came here, probably one of the best forums ever, although I'm not active at all lol ;p

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