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I have only one question on this matter - what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Yes, this type of thing happens way too often. My local news paper .

I agree with Achilles on this one. When a police officer tell you to jump, the correct response is how high.
Balls! If I'm asked politely I'll jump, if a police officer fails to address me in a suitably respectful manner I'll make life difficult.

Two separate examples.

Example 1. When at uni, a police officer strolled into the pub we were in and very aggressively asked what my name and a friends name were (the two of the group who had shaved heads). I refused to give my name, because he hadn't asked in a suitably respectful manner; and told him thus. He failed to asked respectfully so I didn't give him my name. Of course what really amused me, was this cop was such a moron, that just asking for my name (and no ID) meant I could of said I'm Joe Bloggs and he'd of been none the wiser.

Example 2. When at home, there had been a burglary involving a man wearing pink shoes - I was wearing red ones, and the bar staff of the pub had reported me to police. Very nicely the two officers came over, asked to speak to me. They were very polite, and apologetic - and I was more than happy to be compliant.

I have not done anything wrong, so do not fear the law; I also know the law well enough to be a right pain in the bum, if the police try to push their weight about.

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