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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
What brand is it? From what I'm seeing it looks like you must use a Western Digital Scorpio SATA BEVS HDD (LAT version).

You'll also need to grab a file (hddss.bin) off of an official xbox harddrive.

Full Instructions Here.
Thanks, I'll try that... if I can ever configure my Xbox to interface with our network connection!

Is there any way to start up the box without having the HD attached and download the file via USB or something? I just don't know how, if the HD causes a crash upon startup, I can download the hddss.bin to the drive. It is not supposed to be attached while the xbox 360 is operating and doesn't have another means to store the data, is there?

PS: I appreciate your advice. I am very new to this (obviously) and someone threw both the instructions and packaging away. And the xbox site doesn't seem to have that much I find helpful.
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