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Originally Posted by Star Admiral View Post
For an unmodded TSL, I'll say it's a good build. Dexterity just doesn't seem to be as good a benefit as it was in K1. Though if you are planning to use force powers, it might be better to up your Wisdom before your Charisma, and it'll be useful also to choose some DS powers like the lightning branch. For the damage it does, lightning is just too cheap a power. Even a Jedi Guardian can spam it with impunity.

On a side note, you do mean Jedi Sentinel, right? You can't start your main character as a scoundrel.

- Star Admiral
At the moment the build is going quite well, and I will probably put points into Wisdom as I level further. And yes, I will take an offensive DS power soon, makes the game way better in terms of fun..

And yes, I meant Jedi Sentinel. I apologize for the silly mistake.
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