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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I have only one question on this matter - what happened to innocent until proven guilty?
He who has the gun makes the rules. At the moment an office pulls your vehicle over or confronts you he does not know if you are innocent or guilty. That really is not important at that time. The only thing he/she is concerned with is ascertaining if you are a threat or not. As the person pull over/stopped by the police, my first concern is not defending my innocents. My one and only priority is proving to this officer with a loaded weapon that I am not a threat to them or the public. After Iíve set the officer at ease, I can worry about showing the officer they have the wrong person.

In a perfect world, Iíd be outraged about being innocent and having to conform by behavior to placate a government employee. However, the world is far from perfect. Just search YouTube under DPS officer shot to see videos of what Texas Department of Public Safety officers go though on routine traffic stops.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Balls! If I'm asked politely I'll jump, if a police officer fails to address me in a suitably respectful manner I'll make life difficult.
Please if you ever visit Texas follow this advice. If an officer of the law commands you to do any reasonable command upon first confronting you, please follow that command. Yes, there are terrible police officers, but I have never met one. Most are reasonable and only desire is to go home to their family at the end of their shift. They donít know who they just pulled over, they know nothing of your mental state; they donít know you are an overall nice guy with just rebellious streak toward authority. You can try to make their life difficult; they can make your life miserable (at least in the short term).

If a police officer over steps their bonds, the wise course of action is to report them to their supervisor and not to confront them yourself.
Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I have not done anything wrong, so do not fear the law; I also know the law well enough to be a right pain in the bum, if the police try to push their weight about.
I got one for you. A white male driving a black Eagle Talon robbed a liquor store in the Woodlands, Texas (north of Houston). A white male driving a 1998 black Eagle Talon was driving down Clear Lake City Blvd 10 min later when he was pulled over by a police officer. I pulled over with two wheels in the grass in order to give the officer the largest margin of safety from passing motorist. I put my hands on the steering wheel so they were clearly visible to the officer and told my passenger to put his hands in a position so they were visible too. I had done nothing wrong, we were returning from a weekend in Austin. I was not speeding and had broken no traffic law and that is what had me so spooked. The officer and his partner approached the vehicle with guns drawn. My mission at that point is to defuse the situation as quickly as possible, not to escalate the situation by getting upset that they are confusing me with someone else. They have no way of knowing that Iím innocent. I was polite, respectful and complied with every command and the situation was cleared up quickly and peacefully. The officer even apologized before letting me and my friend continue on.
Originally Posted by Rabish Bini View Post
You don't have to provide any information unless he gives you his name, department/police station and such.
When a policeman says jump, you ask for his information.
It sounds as though you've never had a gun pointed at you. If the officer is requesting you comply to a command with his weapon pointed at you may I suggest you save your questions until after he has lowered that weapon. Even then, if it is a traffic stop and you would like a chance of getting out of the ticket, Iíd suggest a very polite attitude and friendly demeanor.
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