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Well, everything that Officers do is for the betterment of the community, so being polite definatel helps them. Though whenever an officer tells you to do something, you do it, no question, it's for your own good. And if you obey the officer and very polite about everything concerning the policemen, then,as Jae showed the example, you could get cut some slack.

This brings something to mind on tickets. My friend's Dad used to work at a Prison facility as a Captain there, he also had had his most recent picture of his driver's license with his Captain's uniform on. So, when he was pulled over for going a bit over the speed limit, he was very polite towards the officer and gave him his driver's license.

When the officer looked at the license and looked at my Friend's Dad's uniform, he suddenly realized he was outranked! This didn't really phase the officer, but luckily he didn't get the ticket, probably due to the lack of tickets on his record and being polite to the officer...anyway, that's just a story. The moral: Don't get a speeding ticket.

Now, I do know that if someone is being a hinderance to a Police Officer like if they say "Hands over your head" then the officer has complete right to make the person put their hands over there heads, resisting an arrest is a crime already, but being haved to be made to do something as easy as putting your hands above your head just makes it worse. When an officer tells you to do something, you do it, no question, being a problem won't help you {Now if they tell you to do something unbelieveably stupid, which I doubt, then I'd understand resisting, but then again, Officers don't tell people to do stupid things} As I said earlier in the post, Officer's are doing what is best for the community, that deserves respect, and politeness wouldn't hurt. They aren't like an SS battalion, so really no reason to hate them or be a hinderance, they're out to help. If you are a hinderance to helping others, then the hinderance becomes part of the problem, and the problem must be solved.

you very much
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