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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Really, that why some of the cops near me enjoy friendly chats with the local drug lord?
Well, there will always be some that are corrupt, but if you know who the local drug lord is, why don't you report it should you find anything that points to them as a drug lord. Also, not all the time is everything what it seems, for all you know, that drug lord could be, in fact, a mole placed in an organization meant to catch the big fish in the drug cartel. Then again, the cop could be corrupt, hopefully not.

Well, Mur'phon, where I live they at least want the betterment of the community. Though you can offer your services to wash their car, earn an extra buck, heh, that'd be fun. Though not all Police in every country are completely trustable, no offence, but I wouldn't really trust a Policemen in places like Mexico or, in some cases, Moscow.

you very much
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