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Sam looked at the russian, he was well armed for a supposed escaped prisoner, maybe there was more to his story. Sam hefted his Grendel over his shoulder, he knew an AK-47 could do nasty things to a person. Sam pulled the magazine out, the last three rounds having been expended in the last fight he had. He placed the empty in his backpack, and stepped towards the truck, holding the gun as high as he could now.
Before he entered the Large carrier, a Russian motioned for him to give him his rifle. Sam obliged, his Desert Eagle was hidden under his jacket. Luckily they didn't search him as he entered the back of the truck, and he found two more survivors, the woman he recognized as a merc, the man he didn't no though. His uncle climbed in after him, and Sam said to them all "Howdy" thowing on the largest grin he could manage, which was little to say the least.
He turned to the Russian guarding them, and said in a perfect russian, tainted by a small accent of american " How long do you expect to hold us for, hmm?"

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