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Here is a guide made by HeavyMetalGungan that he posted on the filefront forums. The first part deals with getting animations in game and the second deals with switching the dragon glm with JA's glm.
Someone asked how to get animations in game, after I'd told then I was so proud of my answer I decided to share it with the world!

1. Open your stance/animation in dragon.

2. Make sure that your character's feet are on the floor, otherwise in game you'll be flying.

3. Type into the console: savegla filename. Make sure it isn't the same name as the original dragon file.

4. Copy and Paste your .GLA file into your _humanoid folder, if you don't have one you can make it:

5. If your made a new folder copy and paste the _humanoid.gla file, animation.cfg file and animevents.cfg* file from assets1.PK3 into your folder, if you already had it miss this stage.

6. Put the glamerge.exe file in your folder as well, it should be located in the same place as dragon.exe.

7.Open notepad and make a file with this in it:
"glamerge.exe" "_humanoid.gla" "Put your filename here.gla" -o
Save it as gla_merge.bat file in your _humanoid folder.

8. Check every thing is where it should be:
Your .GLA file

Then double click on the gla_merge.bat file.
You should get a message asking for a file name, if you don't then you have probably miss-typed something somewhere or don't have a file in the right place.

When typing in your file name DO NOT add .gla on the end or Glamerge will have a tantrum.

9.When GLAmerge has finished look in your _humanoid folder, you should now have a new file.
Delete the _humanoid.gla file then rename the new file _humanoid.gla.

10. Now open Modveiw (Comes with this Modeling/Skinning Guide and Tools, Jedi Knight 3 Downloads, Jedi Knight 3 Modding Tools)
and chose the animation/stance you want to replace.

11. Once you have chosen, find the animation in animation.cfg. If you are using a completely un-edited copy of _humanoid.gla, change the first number to 21376, this the starting frame of your animation. If your are using an edited copy of _humanoid.gla then find the newest animation added by looking at the final frame number of the animation right at the bottom of the list of animations. Put this new number instead of 21376. Also if you are using a changed _humanoid.gla you should also have a changed version of animation.cfg. Edit this instead of the default one.

12. Change the next number across to the amount of frames in your animation.

13. Change the 3rd number across to 0 if you want your animation to loop over and over until it is told to stop (eg. walking animation) or -1 if you want it to only play once and stay on the final frame until the event is over. For 1 frame stances either will work.

14. Change the final number across to the speed you want to play at. The default is 20, the dragon preview speed is 12. Negative numbers will make your animation play backwards.**

15. Save and close the animation.cfg file then open up Modveiw again. Scroll right to the bottom of the list of animations and you should find the animation you wanted to replace. Double click on it to veiw it.

16. Package your new _humanoid.gla file and animation.cfg file into a PK3 under. Models\players\_humanoid

17. Save and test!***

*Putting animevents.cfg in is not nessesary for this tutorial but can be usefull in other circumstances.

**When testing in modveiw the animation can only play at 20 and -20 fps, so don't be worried if it's going too fast/slow.

*** In SP it is best to load a new map instead of loading a saved game as sometimes JKA will try to load the old animations. Once they've been loaded once they should work on saved games.

Note: If you have already added an animation to the game you can miss out stages 5, 6 and 7. Just change the gla_merge.bat file to suit your new gla.

Once you've got used to it it's easy to get animations ingame. I can now do it in about 2 minutes.
Holy sh*t I'm tired now.

I will make 2 more tutorials on using ingame animations and editing the animevents.cfg file soon.

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Ah, that is quite a simple matter:

1. Go into your dragon folder and replace JA_humanoid.gla with the _humanoid file from your base.
2. Find the startframe and length of the animation you want to edit.
3. In dragon type the following into the console
Impframe "Startframe" "length" (remover quotes)

You only ever have to do step 1 once. You don't have to do it each time your import a series of frames.
Here are some of the animations that I have done:

This SA stance is for regular, non backhand sabers.

This is the same stance for backhand sabers. Available here;95994

The SA run for regular sabers.

The original JK and MotS run.

The Battlefront run.

Yeah go ahead and show off your Starkiller stance, I would like to see how yours turns out.
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