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Obviously Joel Kidwell, who doesn't know him?


He's lying, he probably does live in El Mirage, AZ (who in the heck would put such a random town? Sure, I've got Sydney, LA, and Tokyo on mine, but it's pretty obvious why)

And I can tell because he made the post at (my time) 2:00pm today and his desktop says about 3:00pm, meaning he's in Mountain time zone.

Edit 2:

Sometimes, if you live in a little town or suburban neighborhood it'll automatically choose a larger town that is nearby. Well, after looking on Google earth at El Mirage's nearby "towns",
they all had their own search results on the weather widgets in Vista, so I guess that yeah, he lives in El Mirage, Arizona.

Edit 3:

Joel, get rid of those hideous shortcuts arrows, hot damn. (Get the Vista Shortcut Manager)

And keep those damn game shortcuts inside the games folder.

And pull your damn pants up!

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