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I should go.
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Somehow, all the prisoners and the remaining Russians managed to fit into the ehavily damaged humvee. Also, even more surprisingly, one of the Americans spoke in nearly flawless Russian. Zaitsev elbowed Vlad.

"Guess what, this guy speaks Russian!"

Vlad smiled, "Well that's a new one. Hey, Comrades, we're in the presence of an American Russky!"

The other three Russians in the car began to chuckle and prepped themselves for the journey to the subway.

Vlad turned around in his seat to face the prisoners.

"How long do you expect us to hold you? Personally, I don't know, maybe a long time, but then again, you may want to stay with us. Our undead friends don't seem to like you that much."

Vlad smiled and sat back while Zaitsev chuckled once again. Yuri and Boris {who had changed cars} sat with the 50. cal, ready for anything. Vlad got out the map once again, and the journey back to the subway began.

"Well, Americans, at least stay with us until we reach base camp 1."

you very much
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