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Vlad frowned, "You Americans do talk to much. We'll explain that to you soon, when we are not in danger."

Then something humorous caught Vlad's mind.

"Though the suit should be self-explanatory."

The Russians started chuckling once again. The something else caught onto Vlad's mind, something that he had not remembered for a long long time.

His mind brought him back to Chernobyl, Secret Test Facility 9, June 8, 1988. A year after the massive nuclear disaster...

Chernobyl Secret Test Facility, Many years earlier

Vladimir Rosokosovski looked out the chopper's window as they came toward the gray bunker of a test facility. He could still see the red and white smokestack rising from Reactor 4 of the Nuclear plant. It rose like a massive warning sign above a gray and desolate landscape.

Vlad checked his anti-Radiation suit for any leaks, for the best guess of what would happened if there was, was death. Vlad looked at the pilot, also in a radiation suit a he guided the small chopper to the ground. Vlad then looked out of the glass window at the a soldier and an officer, also in suits, came to greet them. Vlad opened the door and stepped out.

"Comrade Captain Rosokosovski, it is a pleasure to have you with us." Said the officer.

"The pleasure is all mine, Comrade General Lerechenko."

Vlad saluted sharply and the General saluted back, smiling.

"Well, Vlad, the tests are just beginning."

Lerechenko put a hand on Vlad's shoulder as a reassuring Father would. Ever since Vlad had joined the Officer's Academy, Lerechenko had been just like a Father when he took Vlad under his wing. Vlad owed a lot to the man, for Vlad had moved up the ranks at a shockingly fast speed. Not to mention that Lerechenko had been there every step of the way.

Vlad looked out at the gray landscape and the neighboring evacuated town of Pripyat. He could see all of the abandoned buildings and broken streets. It still made him shiver in fear as he stared out on the eery landscape. It made him wonder why the Soviet Union had placed a Testing Facility here. Perhaps for its secrecy? Or maybe just for its unique abilities due to the radiation? Vlad didn't know, nor did he want to know. But he was here, and for the testing of his first bio-chemical device.

"Vlad, you should be proud. Today is the day that we test the "Super Soldier" project."

Back at the present.

Vlad shook his head out of the memory, it was so long ago that it seemed like a dream, or more like a nightmare.

"Yes, once we reach the base camp, I will tell you."

Vlad sighed and rested the AK-47 on his lap.

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