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Setting his shoulder against the wall, he held it in place with one hand. Then, taking in a deep breath and biting his lower lip in anticipation, Kyo threw his weight against the dislocated shoulder. There was a sickening snap.

The silence of the room was pierced by a gasp of pain from the warrior, and Kyo had to blink once or twice to clear away the quick, sharp tears that threatened. Rotating his shoulder carefully, he checked to be certain that he hadn't pinched anything important in the process, and though there was a slight twinge as he moved it, he declared the situation as a success.

Quickly dressing in his armor, the warrior took on last glance in the mirror as he tied his sword to his back...and the glance caused him to pause and look again. Leaning in, he examined himself more closely...but it seemed that it hadn't just been a trick of the light. He actually looked as if these past few days were taking a toll on him - he looked almost...haggard. Strange...he hadn't noticed anything in his visage earlier - yet, even a few hours later, his skin seemed greyer, his eyes sunken slightly and cheeks a bit sallower.

His mind flashed back to the rock that had mysteriously risen out of the water. Perhaps...

No, he thought to himself, You're a warrior. Don't be ridiculous.

And with little other thought to the subject than that, Kyo turned to sling his knapsack over his shoulder, and left the quiet bedroom room. Jogging downstairs, he quickly discussed the cost of the group's stay with the inn keeper, paid the due, and then gathered the rest of the waiting group with a few words and a wave of his hand. In minutes, they were moving through the streets of the town, passing the carts of fish and the passing fishermen as they made their way to the harbor.

The only true ship that was docked there made the other, smaller fishing vessels look like a boy's toy sail boat. It was obviously a merchant ship - and a massive one at that. Perhaps the size of a military galley, it sailed with twin masts, and a bowhead decorated with the image of a mermaid. Its prow read, in golden letters, The April Rain. As they approached it, Kyo's pace noticeably slowed; as he eyed the side of the ship, he seemed almost...wary.

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