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Aya had been usually quiet on the walk to the docks. She held Bob's lead lightly in her hand, pensively thinking about the events of the morning, perfectly content to just to let Kyo lead while she and the rest of the group followed. So when Kyo paused in front of the large merchant boat, she stopped as well.

It was by all accounts an impressive looking ship. Not new, but it appeared well-maintained--the sails were white and untattered, the hull looked clean and barnacle-free, and from what she could see of the deck near the boarding planks looked tidy, waxed, and polished. She didn't particularly like sailing on ships, and Bob definitely didn't like it, but neither she, or Bob for that matter, felt any apprehension on boarding this one. As ships went, it looked solid enough. Certainly Kraken-resistant, and that was a big plus at the moment in her book.

Yet, Aya felt that Kyo was uncertain about something.

"Something wrong?" she asked him tentatively. She sidled up closer to him and put a light, warm hand on his arm. "As ships go, it looks alright to me. Even Bob doesn't seem nervous about it." She looked at the name of the boat. "And April's a nice name," she commented.

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