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Toa felt cold, like all the fiery motivation and cheer he liked to have had been sucked out of him. It wasnít as if he had never used his power: his mother was the one who taught him after all. However he couldnít even remember the last time he had the nerve to use it, how horrifying yet seductive it was. He was a pyromancer because he liked fire, only a necromancer as well because of his mother. He was surrounded by people he considered his friends, but at that moment he felt all alone and cold. Very cold.

Stopping in front of the ship with the group, he felt his stomach lurch. Not the ocean again. Toa had concluded long ago that he was never coming back to the East again. The last voyage had been a sickening experience for him the whole way, and he didnít have a cute aeromancer this time around to keep him company. Kyoís apprehensiveness didnít help either, although Aya was a bit soothing. Well, at least compared to the rest of the women in this group, who looked like they could freeze fire with their looks.

He followed the others up the plank, doing everything in his power to block out the sound of the waves, the smell, and trying most of all not to look down at them.
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