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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Should cops be armed? Depends on the country. If it has restrictive gun laws, they, imo, shouldn't. The reason is that criminals expecting to face the police, if they arm themselves, do it depending to what they expect the police to have, and the ease of getting guns. If for instance the police have battons/tazers, they won't get an SMG as it'll be risky to aquire, and give the harsher punishments if they're caught.
The amateurish criminals maybe, the more psychotic ones tend to try to outgun whatever a cop has.

Originally Posted by mur'phon
As for tazers, the problem with them is that while they are suposed to be usead instead of guns, police officers tend to use them instead of battons. And while tazers don't usually kill, they do it often enough to be a poor substitute for old fashioned hand to hand subduing.
Situation is that there are good cops and bad cops, and to be perfectly blunt gun control laws just make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns, the criminals just go and get guns off the black market.

While the situation with the kid is saddening, I do not blame the cop whom may very well be torn up inside because of what he had to do. I've heard of more blatent incidents of Police Brutality though.
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