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Sighing, Smith started to tell his story. After he had spent a good ten minutes telling about his journey to the Fort, the General's phone rang.

"Excuse me." The General said as he picked up the phone.

Looking away from the General to be polite, Smith looked around the room, noticing a distinct lack of the obligatory pictures of the person with somebody important. There was only a single picture on the wall, and it was a picture of a GI wading ashore in Operation OVERLORD, almost 65 years ago.

After a click announced that the general was done with his conversation, Smith turned back to find the general's mood had degenerated from bad to "I'm=thoroughly-pissed-don't-ask-me-about-anything-or-I'll-kick-your-ass".

Knowing better than to ask a Three-star General what had happened, Smith just sat there and bid his time.

"How good's your Russian?" The General asked after a few moments.

"Passable." Smith said. "Not the best, but I did work with some Russian speakers during Afghanistan... only language we had in common. Why?"

He almost hit himself after adding the last bit, but the General didn't seem to mind.

"We had a few Russian special forces detained in Chicago a few hours ago. I just got off the phone with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the facility they were detained in was overrun with these 'Zombies' an hour ago... but we have between 2 and 7 Russian Special Forces running around our nation as it is, with an unknown amount of others..." The General's voice trailed off as he sighed in frustration.

"Anyway, how do you mind Black Hawks?"

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