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((Aww, you're terrible, PK! ))

Naja watched, as Torn began to depart away. "Poor guy. Hope he feels better soon." She then looked at Null from behind.

"So! Ya ready to go now?" She smiled.


"Mrs. Ross, I have to ask. Howcome you're trying to hide that you're a Jedi... and your daughter aswell?"

Rella stopped stirring the stew in the pot, and turned to look at Hoban. Then she sighed. "Well... it's because..." She sighed with troubleness. "My husband died as a Jedi, trying to protect us. Then, when my daughter and I felt that the Sith were rising again, we began to hide here on Dantooine."

She had a downcast look after she said that.


When Zula had the shuttle on autopilot, she began to lay back on her chair and imagine on what would happen on Dantooine. "Once we get there, we capture that Force-sensitive person my Master felt, and bring them back to him. After that, I might be named Hand."

She smiled to herself. "Tomorrow is the day we get to Dantooine..."
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