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Sam saw the Russian manning the .50 cal pull out his old Tokarev, definitely a powerful pistol. Sam had no wish for the Russians to be dead, he just didn't like being unarmed, and didn't want the Russians to take his Desert Eagle.
Sam thought back to when his father got it for him last Christmas, it was the best present he'd ever, barreling past even the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited still parked in his driveway at home. At least he hoped, if anyone stole it heads would roll.
Sam spoke up, again in Russian, " I know where you can get more ammo for your Kalashnikov. I see only a few magazines on you, of which you probably used most, and your Tokarev's won't last you forever. There's a S.W.A.T. place not too far from here, and a Cabela's, and I can get you in, I just have one condition." the driver looked back at him " I get my rifle, and can call my brother" Sam pulled out his cell phone, waiting for the answer.

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