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So, yeah, I completed the last Strong Bad-episode. I'm still not sure what I think of the series as a whole. I enjoyed it, but when I think back to the Sam & Max-episodes... Every S&M-episode was just perfect for me, it brought me right back to my youth, right into that old familiar Lucasarts-world. Not just because Sam & Max where part of the Lucasfamily, way back then, but just the fact that you can taste the joy the creators had when they where creating the games. Every episode was a labour of love. In I just miss that with the Strong Bad-episodes. I mean, I'm sure the guys at Telltale want to make the best game possible (and they still handle the IP's they get way better than a lot of other developers), but it all just feels a bit more...joyless. It's just a combination of factors, I guess. I actually think the visual style is great, but you get a lot of big, empty environments this way. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think you should compensate the loss of richness in environments with richness in characters and story. But yeah, of all the characters, only Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar and Marsipan are capable of having conversations. The rest of the characters just shout, or squeek, or whatever. And all this, again, wouldn't turn a good adventure game into a bad one. The difference is, this is an episodic adventure.

That other recent adventure game, AVS, also had few characters I cared about. But I didn't care, it was just this one adventure, after the game ended, most of these characters will be gone, and in the sequel I will have an entire new set of environments and characters. When you put all the Strong Bad-episodes together you may have the same number of playing hours, but you are forced to play it an episode a month (if you don't buy the season after it has ended, of course). AVS lasted me about a week, and that was fine. Strong Bad, while sort of equal in length, is a game that you play over a period of 5 months. That's long. Sam & Max managed to keep my attention over that entire period, but Strong Bad just isn't 'rich' enough to be interesting over such a long period of time. It doesn't have the same depth, story-wise, character-wise. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, and it was far better then most of the adventure games out there these days, but as I said, it was...lacking. If this was a single, bigger game, it might have worked better. (Note: I love the episodic format. Perfect for me and my schedule. I just don't love it with this series). That, and I think producing the game for both Wiiware and PC at the same time might have hurt the overal quality of the games. I don't really need a mountain of achievements and unlockables in my point & clicks. I think the technical limitations of Wiiware are even more of a problem; I hope they aren't going to do the same with Sam & Max season 3. Still, it made them a lot of money, which is awesome.

Oh man, I didn't want to turn this into one long review. Especially such a negative one, for such an awesome company. I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language.

To make it up to you guys, some news (not much) old man Jake spilled about Wallace & Gromit, which I'm really looking forward too.

W&G stuff coming eventually. We announced it maybe a little early... or rather, we thought we'd have more to say in closer proximity to the initial announcement. There's not a lot anyone's allowed to say right now, but yeah, it will be for PC and console, and it will be an adventure-style game. I don't think Telltale will ever make a game that doesn't put the focus on story and character, and (in the case of licensed games, which is all we make at the moment) on trying to tell stories and present gameplay that reflect well on the license. That's not to say that Telltale will forever make games which are sort of 3D takes on what are effectively SCUMM games, but games which focus on narrative, character, exploring a world in the framework of a story will probably be the focus for the studio as long as it exists in its present form.
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So, PC and console. If it's Wiiware again...
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