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Sam got not response except for a quick exchange of words between Boris and Vlad, and a laugh. Sam hated it when people laughed at him. He sighed and looked around at the humvee, for something he could use. Sam looked at the strap for the gunners seat, and noticed there was a flaw, one that could cause the gunner man to fall if yanked too hard.
Sam reached for the zipper on his Bio-Chem suit and pulled down excruciatingly slow, so that no noise could come from it, and he made sure no one was looking the entire time. He reached into the suit and undid the clasp that held his pistol in the holster. Sam placed his hand back next to him, and waited for the opportune moment.
NOW he thought a little later after they hit another zombie, causing a slight lurch in the humvee. His hand shot up and hit the strap, causing Yuri to fall and hit the pat separating the seats between Sam and Atrianna. He grabbed Yuri's Tokarev, and pulled Yuri between him and the man with the gun.
Sam reached with his free hand and pulled out his Desert Eagle, and aimed it at the driver with his right hand. With his left hand he pointed the Tokarev at Boris, and Yuri was held up by his throat because he was crossing his arms around him.
" All right, this will be done quite quickly and easily if nobody moves" Sam said in Russian.
Suddenly, Vlad was turned around aiming his Tokarev at Sam like Boris was. Sam had reason to fear, then he had even more of a reason to fear.
" LOOK OUT!!" he yelled in English, and ducked behind Yuri. Vlad looked forward just in time to see a Telephone pole that disagreed with the speed they were doing, but just too late to avoid said telephone pole.
Almost everyone was knocked out instantly, except for Sam, he had a soft human cushion preventing that.

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