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Atrianna awoke to see that nearly everyone was out cold. The last thing she remembered was that idiot trying to take control of the vehicle.

She aimed one her pistols at him.

"You just don't seem to get it. The russians know what they're doing, Now if you try and pull anything like this again...I swear i'll shoot you right between the eyes."

Just for good measure, Atrianna cracked him over his head with the butt of her shotgun, effectivly knocking him out.

She quickly got up next to vlad and started trying to wake him up.

"Vlad...vlad...Wake up vlad!" Atrianna had to smack him across the face a few times to wake him up.

Vlad got up looking very confused.

Atrianna figured he must not remember what had happended.

"That idiot back there tried to take control of the humvee, I woke up and knocked him out. You alright?"

Vlad nodded once.

"Good, we need to wake the others up, there's no telling when our "Friends" out there are going to show up."

Vlad nodded dizzily once again.

"Are you sure your alright?"

Vlad nodded his head and went to wake up the russian on the 50cal. Atrianna quickly went to work trying to wake up Boris.
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