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Sam awoke later, with a nasty bump on his head. He was in a Helo, making its way towards,... he didn't know. and he didn't care. Sam was just happy to be rid of the Russians.
At leas so he thought. then he noticed Yuri tied up next to him, as was some unknow russian soldier.
" Dang it!" Sam said in Russian, just so they could hear it. Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, opening it up and showing his military ID.
" I am Lt. Sam Larson, I was forcively thrown in that busted up Humvee you saw back there, and tried to comandeer if back." He glanced over at Yuri. " after we crashed some She-merc knocked me out, I want all of those scoundrels locked up!"
" Yeah Yeh buddy, guess what? They know soemthing aobu tthis, so there getting dropped off soon enough, oh and lookey here, guess who just pulled guard duty for the RUssians, Its you . So shut up and hunker down, your in for one rough night"
Sam looked at the russians again, proud that he could repay the favor of everything that had happened, but also sad, he wouldn't be able to hit Atrianna, she wasn't one of the Russians.
"Wait where is my Uncle?" Sam inquired in Russian. Yuri laughed.
" I killd him, he was annoying, like you!" Befoer Sam knew what had happened, Sam was holding Yuri by his throat and then dropping him out of the Helo, plumetting down a hundred meters utnil he met his fate at the hands of an anxiously awaiting Demon.

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