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Atrianna could see that Yuri was down on the ground and he was having trouble breathing.

Atrianna was usually able to suprise people, she didn't look strong, but she could lift about 300 punds.

And yet even she was having trouble with Yuri

She managed to get the injured Russian to the humvee,

"He's alive, but he's pretty badly beat up."

Vlad then suprised her with a question she had never seen coming.

"Why are you helping him?"

"Because...I feel like you and your men are some of the only people I can really trust, you and your men treated me well, even when you thought I was infected. Anyone else would have blown my brains out. I've got your back on this, till the very end."

And then Atrianna heard someone rapping on the window.

She quickly moved over into the driver's side of the humvee and quietly started the engine.

Vlad was currently in no condition to drive, he was still a bit dizzy after the crash.

She mouthed a question at him

Should we make a break for it?

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