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Sam Walked into the Camp, he was talking to Sgt. Jackson.
" I want those Russians dead, and that nasty merc woman, Atrianna. The other guy I could care less, but since he seems to be siding with them, the more in the grave the better."
Jackson stopped him there. " Listen, I know your upset about your uncle, and the other survivors, but we're sending you out after them soon enough, just a simple watch mission, no shooting and no killing, just see what their up to. I was hardly able to get you the mission as it is. You killed the Russian, He was protected by the government of Russia, they have a right to be here!"
Sam looked down. He thought of the last thing Atrianna said to him before she knocked him out.
"...The Russians know what they're doing..." Sam sighed, she was right. He was just pissed off about the world, and was going crazy from how the Russians were acting to him. They had no right to pull him off the street.
Sam sighed again.
" Alright, when do I Head out?" Sam inquired. So I can finish what I started! He thought to himself.
Note: Nothing Against you Commander Q, My Characters just in a Blind Rage, But don't worry It will blow over in a few post or so.

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