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Alright quick break from the story, for a few posts atleast. Alright. so forever, you showed up, and i skipped ahead, to where we were flying off in the helo, sorry for the skip, and everyone was in the helo, but then Chevron had herself and Vlad back in the Humvee, so I modified my story, and sorry about the rank mix up, i was going by memory and was drawing the Seargent rank from your conversation with the guard.
Anyway, So i was heading back to base so i could get some quick 5 minute R&R, and then would be shoved out to folow the Russians to see wehre they are heading. and just for Clarification, I killed yuri, sorry, but when he fell a hundred meters ( about 300 feet or so) he landed next to a Demon ( the long tongued freaks) and would be killed even if he survived the fall. Plus I was pissed off because the story was going in 100 different directions, none of them the desired on for me, but hey thats life when you have zombies
anyway, anyone want to put in a quick few pointers or something do so know, the next few posts are going to be a Q&A type of thing, just seeing where we are heading with the story and what not.
Edit: Now I'm Confused, alright, so I hitched a ride to the Camp after this, because i snuck away, lets go with that, and I still killed Yuri, but now i'm changing the Seargent Guy so it will flow a bit better, this story is really getting messed up

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