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Sam went out to follow the Russian team, if he was right, which he was, he'd be on their trail in a few minutes.
Sam breathed in the fresh night air, the coolness clearing his mind. The slight scent of pine was overpowered by the stench of rot, but it still calmed much more. Sam loaded up his M8, A 5.56x45mm Assault rifle made to replace the M16.
Sam jumped out of the Helo, with a team of four men, all armed similarly, except for SGT. Jackson, who was armed with an M60. Sam grabbed the rope infront of him, slowing his descent from a splat ont he ground to light foot tap. Sam ran over to the nearest vehicle, a large Hummer, with a sun roof.
Sam entered the unlocked driver door, and pulled down the visor, where the keys fell out.
Sam set his M8 next to him, and inserted the keys into the ignition. the other men all came in, all buckling in except for Jackson, who jumped inbetween the two men in the back, opening the sunrood for a quick MG port.
Sam smiled. He was clear minded now, he didn't intend on killing the Russian, but if one of them even reached for their Kalashnikovs, or if that Merc-Woman even looked like she was thinking about clonking him he wouldn't be able to resist shooting out their knee-caps.
Sam shook his head, the thought was ludicrous ,after all, no one will stand up against for heavily armed men, one with an MG, and the others with Assault rifles, and Sam staying as far back as possible with his M24 Sniper.
Sam shook his head again, He shouldn't even think about it, before he was trying to be impressive and trying to be a hero, now he would be a Recon Soldier, simply watch and retrieve, no shooting unless shot at. And Sam knew the Russians, and Atrianna, Wouldn't be able to resist blowing him full of wholes.
" We'll be starting off slowly" Sam informed the team as he started the Hummer, driving off in the general direction of the Russian Spec-Ops.
Sam Just hoped He wouldn't have to Kill everyone.

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