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There was a bright searing flash of pain, then Sam was out, he was knocked out. Sam awoke later, his right arm was in pain, they were miles from the Supposed Base Camp one.
" Guess what guys, We've Been shot at, We can kill them all!" Jackson said to everyone, but mostly to Sam. Sam was in charge of the mission after all.
" Hand me my rifle, I don't care about the Russians, The Merc is Mine, only she would've been able to make such a shot. And screw the ROE how abouts? Where are we?" Sam said. Jackson showed him a map, they were two miles from the Russians. Sam grabbed his cross necklace and kissed it for good luck. Sam stood up, and he sat back down instantly, holding back a scream of pain. Sam put his M8 behind him and grabbed the M24.
Sam and the rest of the squad made there way towards the camp, no fire was coming on them. They made it with in a half a mile of the camp and left Sam there to snipe any resistance. This time Sam had his full body armor one, no shot would get to him. Sam took aim and waited for the signal, a Cs ( tear gas) can flew into the midst of the soldiers and the merc. Sam would make sure that Atrianna died, or at least scream like a baby, if it was the last thing he did. Sam kissed his cross for good luck one last time before sighting in.

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