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Smith frowned and sighed as the HMMWV sped away. "Well, that went great." He muttered.

He then walked over to a body on the ground that he'd just noticed. Dragging him to the Helo he wrestled with the body before eventually getting him into a seat and buckling him in.

"Pilot." He said through his mike.


"Can you follow that Humvee?"

"Sure thing, that MF'er is practically putting up a sign saying 'Here I am!'"

"Do it." Smith ordered and turned back to the body sitting in the chair.

Cursing to himself again, Smtih reached into the man's back pocket and withdrew his wallet. Flipping it open, he extracted his military ID. "Lieutenant Sam Larsen." He muttered to himself before putting the ID back into the wallet and the wallet back into Larsen's pocket.

Where do I know that name from...

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