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Originally Posted by EW
Well, if you're not trained and you make a stupid mistake that cost the woman the use of her legs when there was no imminent danger, you deserve to be sued. Oh, and good source, by the way.
Easy to say. Mistakes happen and do not always involve negligence. Next time someone needs help, people might think twice...and just do nothing for fear of being sued and loose everything they have in terms of possessions and future possessions (and even potentially ruin their children's and family`s future, monetarily speaking).

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Tough call, really.
QFE. Especially since we don't have much details on the above mentioned case (since it refers to the DA, I imagine it is criminal prosecution, not just civil but I don't know much about the US system).

Every situation has its particulars. I am glad that in Quebec, not only we have good samaritan laws protecting people from being sued for any further injury or illness that results from the aid given (save gross negligence or intentional fault - more accurate summary here: ) in such as situation but there is also an an obligation to render aid if it can be accomplished without serious risks to the rescuer or a third person.
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