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Originally Posted by BoneyKingNowhere View Post
I've been reading a lot about Revan on Wookieepedia and stuff, but I would like to read about him in his actual media. What books or comics concentrate on Revan that I can read? I don't want to read anything where Revan is an occasional side-character, but where his story is really explained. So much of what's written in the Wiki isn't cited and I know that a lot of it isn't in KOTOR. Any ideas of what I can read?
Revan is never a main character in any book or comic.

His holocron and himself as its gatekeeper make an appearance in Darth Bane Path of Destruction. Revan makes some appearances in the kotor comics, being called the Revanchist. Malak (known as Alek) makes multiple appearances in it. Other then that he gets mentions in source books. From what I understand, there is to be a "TOR" novel coming out in the future based on the new mmo, so based on what we know right now, Revan (and probably the exile) will at least get honorable mentions though I wouldn't be surprised if he plays a big role in the story.
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