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Some cool guy help this problem!

hello, im one of ojp mania.
love u OJP developers(ah,dont worry im not gay)
and i always have mind thank to OJP team.
today, i have a question....
little problems is always i tried to fix,
but this thing is to hard to me.
so i writing this thread
here is the my question.
i think OJP saber clash effect structure is little different.
i wanna change OJP saber clash effect to original's saber clash effect.

ive tried many ways, but always failed.

i know stuff.pk3 structure little, but i dont know perfectly.
im not an english people, so explain to me that i can easy to understand.

ah, plus, im doing OJP translation(English->Korean)
cheer me guys

merry christmas and
have a hot christmas!
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