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TSL Level Up Guide

I have found a good level-up strategy that works really well. You do need a couple mods. They are here and here. That is just for feats. If you want to do good with skills and attributes get this mod here. In Character Generation. I suggest Jedi Guardian. With the above mod, in the attributes and skills, just click recomended. Now feats, choose to max out the lightsaber damage and lightsaber defense. On your later level-ups max out Flurry, Power Attack, and Critical Strike as soon as you can. My recomendation; second level-up max out flurry and on the fourth and fifth level-up do second rank of critical strike and power attack, then the last rank. As for force powers, get the speed and heal power up as soon as you can. I have given you enough to survive till you get to your prestige class. What you do beyond that, I leave to you.

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