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"Thank you, Captain," Kyo said, nodding to Balthazar. "You have our many thanks for allowing us passage on your ship; otherwise, we're not certain how possible it would be for us to reach the mainland once again." It was evident that Kyo was trying to be as polite and business-like as possible - even his normally electrified green eyes were dead in his efforts. "My company consists of seven - this is Carwyn, our scout, and his sister, Chrys." he said, starting the introductions of the group with a motioning of his hand to the two standing by the railing. "The large one in armor is Xan, and our pyromancers, Audra and Toa. Takumi is our cook, and finally we have our healers - Maggie and Aya." He watched the captain carefully throughout the introductions, trying to gauge which of his companions had the possibility of causing...dislike in the captain's eye. But there was no clear response to any of them. "I assure you that we won't be even the slightest of troubles to you or your crew while here."
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