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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
You forgot to mention "insane."
No, no I think Mr. Ahmadinejad is quite rational. That's what makes people like him so worrying - they know exactly what they're doing. And they aren't that removed from you or me. The only difference is that they act on their capacity for evil...

But seriously, his trying to reach out could be a good sign. And I have no problem with Obama's wanting to sit down and talk with the man.
In theory, yes. In practice, it's a cheap attempt to grab ratings by being "controversial". Much like their voyeurism series on the severely disabled.

That explains Channel 4's alternative speech every year, pretty well. Seriously, I like C4, but half the time I think the network is just run by students that want to shock people.
Certainly, it at times seems to be run for the more fatuous kind of 20-year-old...
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