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Remember they Negotiated with Hitler and in doing so they emboldened him.
Remember, I said it should often be combined with other actions, which might include a cruise misile

Depends on who is in charge, if it were someone like Ronald Reagan in charge, I would trust the government a lot more than I will come January. I do not trust Obama at all, I would trust Hillary Clinton more than I'd trust Obama, and I think Hillary is a pathological liar.
And since such rules tend to be in place for quite some time, it makes sence to not give them that power in the first place. As for myself, I don't trust the government no matter who is in charge.

Ender: The problem is that you have some detainees which will be close to impossible to get sentenced due to lack of evidence, or how it was obtained, despite being very likely to commit terrorist acts if they walk free. So how do you deal with them? Or, to decide how you deal with them, what will you call them? POW, civilians or something else? My question was directed at those who believe Gitmo will magically disapear leaving a bad taste. Sure, there are answers, but they are all in shades of grey.
Oh, and kudos for doing your homework

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