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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
It doesn't matter to me where you put them (to an extent.) TBH, the Gitmo prison isn't the problem, it's what's occurring there. In other words, maybe you don't need to move them from there at all, just give them due process and actually charge them with a crime, instead of keeping whoever the hell you want in solitary confinement or doing hard labor.

The reason they are being held on Guantanamo is not for security, they are there so the American Government can violate its own laws. Like EnderWiggin,I have no problem with keeping Guantanamo open provided there are changes to the treatment of the inmates. I just want to end the reasons we are using Guantanamo instead of another prison under the jurisdiction of the American judicial system.

Oh, I'm under the opinion since Guantanamo is an American Military Base, it is American soil so all American laws apply there.

Unlike Bush, I hope Obama does not take the easy way out and transfer the detainees to another country that will even treat them more barbarically.

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