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I have an interesting thought about the UAV/ULCV. Let's take it to the limit, give it ten years of further development.

Okay so we've got this UAV capable of +13/-5g manouevres like it was nothing and 5 Mach. It's even got its own automated guidence system for limited autonomy and extensive hard-wiring for ECM. It's like a guided missile which releases independent warheads for attack.
Now you want a mothership to release these UAV's from, which are manned and have fully comprehensive ECM and AWACS for effective battlefield control. It should be relatively short range from the operating airspace of the UAV to increase datalink, ECM, communications and Intelligence effectiveness.

Have you noticed we've basically outlined something like a two-seater F-22 launching very advanced, guided missiles with multiple, independent warheads.
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